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We call Madison, Wisconsin our home these days and are hoping to share our experiences related to food with this blog. Meals are always about gathering your loved ones and friends and breaking bread together. It is about discovering new cuisines, new flavors and textures and finding nuances through discussing each others experiences. We trace our roots to India and Naan is one of the popular breads of our cuisine. Hence the name “Breaking Naan”. We are about food, sharing and discovery.

We hope to share some detailed experiences of our favorite places to eat. We travel for food and would hopefully have experiences here from all over the world, one place at a time. No journey is fun alone and we hope through this medium we can find like minded food travellers, so we invite you to leave your thoughts on our posts through comments and connect with us.

We do love to cook as well and would be sharing some of the Breaking Naan House recipes soon. 


  1. Hi there – just came across your site from a comment you left on Five Senses Palate. I run a collective of Wisconsin food bloggers called Whisk. You can check us out here: http://www.wiwhisk.com

    We’d love for you to join us! If you’re interested, submit an application from the site linked above!

    – Vicky

    • breakingnaan@gmail.com - November 22, 2015 reply

      Dear Vicky. Thank you so much for stopping by, it did motivate us to write “about us” 🙂 while exploring through Five Senses Palate i did run into “Whisk” and i love the concept and how you promote synergies amongst wisconsin bloggers. I was also happy to find so many awesome blogs by foodies around here :). We had been contemplating applying and wether we would work being such a young blog. However we absolutely appreciate your invitation and very eager to join. We are right now traveling but will soon fill the form out.

  2. Phar bhari blog! you’ve got a fan now. The recent apple pancakes will be a hit with Jasraj (my 4 year old). Can’t wait to cook it with him!

  3. Nikhil Kodgule - August 1, 2016 reply

    Fantastically put together website ! The modern and contemporary Indian cooking needs to reach out to more masses and I haven’t come across any other better resource than this. Great job indeed 🙂
    — Nikhil

    • breakingnaan@gmail.com - August 3, 2016 reply

      Thanks for the encouragement and kind words Nikhil! It motivates us to continue and create and publish more!

  4. Stephanie Murray - September 28, 2016 reply

    Vikram and Meghana, I am really enjoying your food blog/website and have passed it on to others as well! It was a pleasure meeting you at Vom Fass and hope to see you again. Think you were heading out for travels–hope you are enjoying them! Regards!

    • breakingnaan@gmail.com - September 30, 2016 reply

      Dear Stephanie 🙂 thanks for stopping by and yes travel is what kept us from replying. We have a florence week coming up so very excited about it. We did make very good use of your fantastic oil in our Focaccia.


      We will be back for more soon enough and to say hi 🙂

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